Monday, March 28, 2005


Last night I had trouble sleeping. I couldn't stop thinking about a certain boy whose smile makes you smile, whose laughter fills you with complete joy, and whose crying just makes everyone around him do all sorts of crazy stunts and facial expressions just to see him smile again. And when he starts staring off into space or becomes suddenly intrigued by a simple light fixture, you can't help wonder if he's brilliant as well - somehow understanding something no one else does...yes, yes I give this boy so much credit. But, if you have no clue what I'm talking about, then maybe you're not an 'emo' just yet. I became an aunt three months ago and the experience has been absolutely fabulous.

He's the obvious offspring to Jenn and Raul: beautiful, joyful, and very advanced. But sometimes I see a litle bit of beccup in him as well. The other day, we sat face to face. I on my back, Andres on my belly. He was telling me a most animated story, bobbing his head back and forth, and waving his pudgy little hands around trying to get his point across - all the while cracking himself up. He had no care in the world whether anyone around him understood his story...all he knew was that there was something very funny going on in his head. I've always been told that I tell terrible stories at times - barely being able to get a full sentence out without laughing. I laughed with Andres and felt all warm inside - my nephew tell stories just like his emo!

I've created a little photo-album of little Andres - I think you can access it on my friendster page. If you talk to me even a little, you'd know that I'm the worst kind of who brags and brags, and who truly believes that her nephew is the cutest in the world.


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