Thursday, March 31, 2005

On being a student again...

I am one month away from finishing my first year in graduate school. One down, six more to go. And as I sit here thinking about it - I can't help but repeat what everyone always says - time goes by so fucking fast. In April of last year, I was still in San Francisco waiting to hear back from schools - freaking out while partying my last few months in CA away. I loved California and miss my friends, the weather, the views, the beaches, and even those crazy SF hills. And no matter how much my sister makes fun of those Berkeley's what made the Bay Area exactly what it is. And on those particularly icy New York mornings, I'd often find myself thinking about my little Mission apt...located in the sunniest spot in San Francisco. But the moment I drove into New York, I quickly discovered that this gal is simply an east coast chick at heart.

I've had an interesting transition into my NYC student life. After a gruelling period of apt searching, I found a very cozy little studio on the upper west side. Despite what all those downtown 'snobs' might say - it's a great location. The best thing is that I'm only a half a block from happy, care-free central park. Unfortunately, I didn't get any of the fellowships I needed to maintain my lifestyle and so the apt must go. Apts come and go when you're a student at my age. And I think boys do too. Date boy, break up with boy. Just like money, love and relationships are diffacult to maintain - maybe this is specific to me though I doubt it. That's why friendships are key. Since moving back, I've become re-acquanted with old friends and made some new ones that will without a doubt continue to grow. I remember the first day I walked into class - late with sweat dripping down my face (I hadn't yet gotten used to the humidity). I looked around me and never would have suspected how close we all would have become in a matter of weeks.

And now I'm sitting here - tired from a long two-week period of exams, papers, and emotional ups n' downs. And frankly, I'm bored just trying to figure out a way to end this blog without making it seem so abrupt. Somewhere along the way I lost my train of thought - and obviously my stamina.


Anonymous hunie said...

there is nothing wrong with being a downtown snob...don't be hat'in.

anyway i like the segway from apartments into boys, many correlations!!

10:00 PM  

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