Sunday, March 27, 2005

texas hold-em blues...

Have you ever had one of those drunken nights where you find yourself in front of your computer at 3 in the morning with a big tub of kimchee sitting beside you wondering why you keep getting emails for "Christian dating in NYC"? Maybe it's just me then...

Tonight was my third night dealing poker. It has taken me almost six months to realize that my meager grad school "income" can barely support the lifestyle I would like to lead. My family has long ago nick-named me "the princess" and for the first time, I'm beginning to see why. Even before being fired (or rather, "put on reserve") from my nanny position last Thursday, I realized that I just couldn't be a baby-sitter - especially for these too wealthy, overly controlling new york type mothers. It's just too hard kissing ass when you're also doing intakes and running groups for parents who look to you for answers for problems with their kids. So dealing poker was what I was left with. Almost.

I made my first mistake: I dropped the river card assuming that everyone had called. This assumption of mine quickly became the cause of a fight that felt only a few seconds short of people getting punched and thrown around. I of course freaked in the best way I knew how, went into my bosses office, and quit. The whole thing was settled, people apologized, and I was asked to continue dealing. I was assured more than the five minutes of training that I originally received (I actually had my first "session" last night with a professional dealer - it was kind of fun learning all the different shuffles. I think I even said, "neato!" - god, I must look so out of place there.) With the hundred sitting in my pocket after my first two and a half hours of dealing, I said - oh what the hell, I'll stick with it a bit longer. Apparently no other dealer has thus far made as much as I have during the first few hours of the evening. Then again, I am the first female dealer to attend these nights.

Afterwards I met up with some friends of mine for few needed drinks and of course the topic of conversation quickly became "is beccup going to one day become a *** with a criminal record?". Lord I hope this thing is legit...


Anonymous jenn said...

yet another thing to keep from mom... sigh.

10:01 PM  
Anonymous sophia said...

Hey Beckster... dealing poker? I recenlty found a love for the game myself. Anyway, I hope grad school is treating you well despite the meager compensation. hugs!

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Kevin said...

Hi B, unless you are at an indian reservation you're probably gonna go to jail, but don't worry, its just a Misdemeanor so its short term! I'm sure our favorite prof. will stop by if there are conjugal visits!

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Paul said...

Hmmm.... I miss the days of 'Bay Area' Hold 'Em with Dan, Ryan, Hil, and the crew...

10:03 PM  
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