Tuesday, April 05, 2005

things that just are.

Over the week, I've gotten two bits of advice on my financial state. One from my mother whose advice has never once changed since I was little - "you only worry about obey mother. Then God take care of you." And then there's Unha who told me to become a naked dealer. Suprisingly, I still have no clue what to do about next year.

On a side note, have you ever seen a four month old projectile vomit? My sister's been sick all week and so I spent Monday morning with Andres so that she can get some sleep. We had a blast - making chicken soup, cracking bad jokes, doing the laundry, changing diapers, reading books, and then - the vomit. Of all the amazing things the boy can do - one of them happens to be being able to spit up a whole bunch of milk - up to a foot away. After the third or fourth time though, you get kind of used to it and eventually, don't feel that strong urge to clean it off your shirt anymore. It just is.


Anonymous Grace said...

dude, i'm so sad that my phone died during one of our rare phone converstations. anywho, here i am at 2 in the morning writing you a comment on your blog! it's almost as addicting as raul's, so i'll be by daily most probably. rye vomited a bunch today, too, except the circumstances are a bit wee more serious than andres' i'm afraid. hope i get a hold of you again booger. miss you much and thanks for the laughs you funny girl.

oh right, i forgot i promised to say how CUTE ANDRES IS!!! yes, i'll have him for breakfast, lunch and dinner please...he's so yummy.

9:58 PM  
Anonymous raul said...

vomit is nothing...a few days after he was born he projectile pooped twice the length of his body.

9:58 PM  

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