Monday, May 16, 2005

Dancing Queen

Some people visit New York and immediately fall in love with the city. I hated it. Growing up, I came here often to visit my sister who lived on Mott Street in soho - just about when soho became what it is now. I was always afraid something bad would happen to me: I was going to get mugged or I would get lost for an hour and a half on the subway - again. My sister still teases me about how much of an 'urban princess' I've become. Ten years ago, I was always afraid of New York and it's messiness. Now like everyone else, I can't seem to do without that fast pace, everything right there at your finger tips sort of deal - no matter how messy it is.

But sometimes I get caught up in the whole NY image thing - whether it's trying to look 'hard' or 'coy and sexy', it seems that everyone has an image to protect. And it gets tiring after a while. This past weekend, I met a true dancing super star. Not only could he hit every high note that Prince was famous for - he just rocked the dance floor as if no one else was on it. Then, he did the best thing. He shimmied his way across the room to dance with himself in the mirror. I've never seen someone have so much fun. And he turned around and shouted something like, "I don't care what you guys think..." Then I think he might have given himself a high five. I might have added that last bit because the idea of it makes me giggle. But still...what a rock star.


Anonymous larabel said...

I just want to add to your story... you left out the best part when he decided to throw me across the dance floor with his ass. Were you in the bathroom when that happened? I think it was his favorite move.

10:18 PM  
Blogger Jim Buggz said...

Funny Story! And aptly titled as well :P

3:44 PM  

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