Friday, May 13, 2005

hot pink ladies...

This morning, I decided to spend the entire day sulking and moping in bed. Fortunately, my apartment gets very little light and so, if I shut my blinds and close my curtains, I can pretend that the sun never came up. I've turned off my phone and hidden it somewhere deep in my covers. And soon, I'm going to shut the rest of the world out and put my little mac to rest. No tv. no phone. no radio. no internet. just me and my mood. It's funny. I always thought that the weekend after all my finals were due, I would be one giant party. But I'm too tired - so drained. And my Andres is gone with his parents to Mexico. I think I'd feel much better if I had one of those chubby little toes in my mouth right now.

But this city somehow finds it's way in to tickle my curiousity. The construction on the building across the street, the taxi drivers cursing out some biker on the side of the road, the dogs doing their business on my sidewalk, and the long walks the kids and their nannies take - all happening just outside my apt. And despite myself, I keep peeking out behind my curtain and asking, "what, who, where, when, can I come?" And truthfully, I haven't really turned off my phone. It's just on silence so that when I check my phone every fifteen minutes, I know who called and can call them back IF I so choose. That IF is the important part.

And so I've been sitting here, trying to muster up all the therapeutic words of advice...and it hits me - PEDICURES!!! hot pink toes always put a smile on my face.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think i love you

simon in dublin

4:47 PM  

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