Friday, June 03, 2005

advice for a friend

My mom is visiting for the weekend, which is great because she's more than happy to take the baby during those wee hours in the morning when we should all be sleeping - despite what Andres thinks. This is the site I woke up to. My mom looks up and laughs, "Look, LibahKah, Andres liks tv!" I laughed and muttered something like, "oh Jenn and Raul are not going to like this." You can already tell the boy is getting that 'special' look on his face - that look when brain cells begin to die after watching too much tv.

I guess it's what happens when family babysits. Jenn and Raul must know that during my stay with them, I'm going to have to introduce my nephew into the becky world of candy. And that's a mighty big world... I already learned that he's not a big fan of salt. I let him have a lick of my cracker yesterday.

Anyway, so I finally slept more than three hours last night. The world always looks so much brighter through well rested eyes. It makes me feel that yes, I can lie my way through work. Truthfully - my first day of training yesterday didn't go so bad. But on Saturday night, I am going to try a bit of bartending. Who needs experience when you've got Bartending for Dummies?

So - does anyone have any advice before I go and make an ass of myself?


Blogger raul said...

the kid isn't even 6 months old yet. No candy!

1:03 PM  

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