Sunday, June 19, 2005

a happy day for fathers

A friend of mine asked me last night if father's day was a sad occassion for me. Truthfully, I've never actually had to think about it. My father passed away when I was really too young to have been able to know him. Growing up, I guess I've simply accepted my life without a father, but still there are days when I would give anything to have one conversation with him. Especially now that I'm older and slightly more aware that parents were once people too - that is before having kids.

Anyway, rumor has it that I was my father's favorite child. I was a small, frail girl (in comparison to the robust woman you meet today) who my father would often keep from even my mother's anger. Sometimes when I sit with Andres, I wonder if my father used to hold me in the same way I hold him...the idea of it sometimes makes me a little teary but mostly, makes me feel all warm and giddy. For those four brief years of my life, I'm sure he was a wonderful father.

This is a picture of my mother and father on their wedding day - pre becky. Despite their appearances, they are usually a very jolly couple. It is amazing though when I look at these old photo's. My brother looks more and more like my father everyday.

and then there's daddy rockin' out in his wheels. What a stud.


Anonymous Gracie-face said...

awww beck! your entry made me think of my daddy. even if they weren't around to see us grow up, i think that both of us turned out a-okay!

hey, do you remember joe lin from bc? well, i just came across an article about him. man, i wonder if opportunities like that just present itself or if you have to go after it. well...if you're ever bored, here is the article:

what he did in his internship got to the heart of why i wanted to go into law.

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