Friday, June 24, 2005

A little about my girls

My girls are up from Philly this weekend in their cute, little NY hipster wear. My sister is the perfect hostess and has planned a whole weekend of activities. They left about an hour ago for the MET and after dining out tonight, they will be heading over to see the play, Slava's Snowshow. Tomorrow, we'll be parading around at the American Girl's something or another, then the girls and I will be watching Beauty and The Beast on Broadway. I know, I know - it's the only show that I thought they might like. At least, that's what I thought when I got to the box office this morning.

Anyway, I just finished washing the dishes from lunch and am enjoying a silent household. I am going to work in about two hours but till then, I sit. And breath through horrific pms symptoms.

This picture was taken last winter during a night of Christmas activities. Esther, the little chickie on the left, just turned 12 and has entered into that phase where hanging out with an older cousin just isn't cool anymore...I actually had to beg her to come over and bake cookies and decorate stockings with me. They're growing up too fast.

This picture was taken three years ago at Jenn and Raul's wedding. All I can say is, cute! But even though they're "growing up too fast", they don't age do they? Raul likes to joke that Esther's 12 going on 7. It always makes me chuckle.


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