Tuesday, June 21, 2005

many thanks to friends

5 am. My nephew decides to deliver this household, otherwise known as his kingdom, a wake up call. For me, that just meant rolling around in bed for the next half hour or so trying to position the three pillows on my head to keep out the crying but still allow enough room for me to breath. At some point, I got so tired that I decided to forgo air. One look at Raul this morning - I knew my nephew's wake up call meant a little more to him. Poor daddy.

8 am. I woke up to move my car. After an hour of driving around with no luck, I cursed street cleaning and wondered whether we really need to have clean streets. I decided to park at a meter until street cleaning was over.

9:012 am. I get in a little tiff with my sister - mostly because we were both tired and frustrated.

9:55 am. I said goodbye to a very close friend of mine who will be gone for about a month. I was very sad.

10 am. Supervision with my favorite professor.

10:15 am. Back in the car, looking for a parking spot. There was a lot more profanity during this time, but I don't want to be called a potty mouth again so I'm just going to allude to it.

10:36 am. #$@!#%$^##&

and then,

10:59 am. @#$@$^@#$#$^$.

11:15 am. I finally find a parking spot. It took so damn long that I didn't even care that it was in Illinois. I just called another one of my friends to bitch about the lovely morning I just had.


Anonymous Frances said...

Even though I don't drive I know about the pain of parking from friends and neighbors.
It brings out the potty mouth in everyone!
I had a nice visit here; I found you on nycbloggers
Take care

1:54 AM  

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