Tuesday, June 07, 2005

on rabid dogs

My first day as a waitress, I was put on a double shift. It was Sunday and pure hell as there were only two waitresses on the floor (both of whom were new) and a party of thirty, half of which were little kids running in out from under the tables. Exhausted, I came home crying to my sister. And I cried about feeling like a fuck up, about boys, friends, and simply life in general. I think not having slept much compounded the situation...maybe just a bit. The next morning I got an email from Leah who is on an archeaological dig in Turkey. She just got bitten by a wild dog and fortunately, they were able to catch it. Apparently, they need to hold the dog for ten days to see if it's rabid. If it is, then she needs a few shots - right in the belly. It kind of made me rethink my own "miseries". ouch!


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you have a potty mouth.

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