Friday, June 10, 2005

waitressing gripes

I just had a party leave me a 10% tip off a bill of 250$ - that's so fucking lame in more ways than a million. That's all I'm going to say about that right now because my co-workers said that I need to let it go before my little head blows off. I just hope that where ever those people are, waitresses everywhere will spit in their waters, pee in their soups, and give them dirty utensils. Oh - and give them caffienated coffees instead of decaf. Patrons just don't realize how hard it is to work on the 'other side' and that screwing them out of a good tip can mean less drinking money for their waitresses. And after a double - don't they realize that drinking money is all that we live for???

And on top of that, while I love my co-workers, I had a line cook pinch my cheek (even though he's my height) and everyone else nickname me the "little one". Yes, I realize that I'm small in stature - but I'd like to think my personality more than makes up for it. I once had a guy tell me that he thought I was 5'7'' - and that my vibrant personality must have swayed his perception. There are those who believe he was just trying to get me into bed...but I know the truth. I'm just a big person on the inside.


Anonymous grace kim said...

oh becky!! thanks so much for editing my essay. your input really helped me out! you are the best and i love you bunches!! *MUAH*

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how to increase your tips:

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and another one:

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