Tuesday, July 26, 2005

32 years in the making of Jenn

Today is my sister's 32nd birthday. Exactly one year ago, I accompanied Jenn and Raul to the doctor to find out the sex of their first baby. "It's a girl!" My eyes almost teared when I laid eyes on my nephew for the first time; his cute little face poking out from the weird black and white mess on the screen. I think he even waved at me and whispered, "hi emo. i love you." We always laugh when we think about that day. The doctor assured us that she was 99.9% right in determining gender. Well I guess her accuracy went down a little because Andres came out with a vengeance - all ten pounds, ten ounces of him. Later that night, we went out for a nice birthday dinner and gushed about a future with a little "olivia" running around. There were smiles everywhere and Jenn of course, looked radiant in the white shawl I knitted for her.

That must have been a good birthday. Today was stinky in comparison. Raul had to leave on a 10 am flight to China and I pretty much had to work all day. Of course we tried to make it up to her. Raul bought her gifts galore and took her dinner last night. I got up extra early to cook a birthday brunch, but still we held our heads in shame because Jenn has always been so giving, so unbeatable when it comes to celebrations.

Ever since I was little, Jenn organized our family birthday parties. We had cakes and games and candy and fun. For my 13th birthday, she threw me a giant suprise party, which of course my mother almost ruined by bringing me an hour and a half late. And on my 16th, she treated me and my friends to a whole weekend of activities in New York. God - little Andres is going to be one lucky kid. She's already started planning for his first birthday. All I know is she wants bubbles, lots and lot of bubbles. And that boy loves his bubbles.

Still, she didn't once complain about the lack of festivities today. She is incredibly forgiving and generous. And somehow, with each passing year, becomes even more so. If it were me, the world would have been doomed to listen to my sorrows till the next birthday came around.

Well Jenn...happy birthday to the best sister a bad sister could ask for.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read this post since Mom's computer was busted and I couldn't get online. I thought I had a great birthday until I read this. Now I feel sorry for myself.

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