Tuesday, July 19, 2005

From star struck to something else...

Ms. Foxy Brown.

Picture this. 9:12 pm. A woman walks in, sits down, and barks out an order to me as I hand her a menu. Half of which, I might add, are not even on the menu. She ends with, "I have a plane to catch so please hurry." Sure, no problem. I flash her a waitress smile. I've already been on my feet for about eleven hours and so far, the tips aren't really worth that sharp pain running up and down my back. I go and put her order into the computer and head back to take another table's dessert order. As I'm standing there charming the other patrons, she begins to bitch and bark about needing her salad. "Excuse me, I need to eat!" I turn around in utter shock and the customers around me look at her with wide eyes. What did she expect - for me to hold up the entire kitchen and demand her food in that second? Fuck that. Instead, she got an "uh - I put your order in. You'll have to wait your turn." And a nice cold shoulder to chew on for a few minutes. I guess my manager didn't like that too much because she went into the computer and gave her an appetizer on the house. Well, I didn't like that so much, so I went back into the computer and priced the dish for more than the original cost. This woman was so bitchy and I really saw no reason to reward her for it. Unfortunately, my manager found out and I had to play up my bambi eyes with an, "oh, I totally didn't even realize I put that back on. And for that much!?!?! I must have accidentally added an extra zero or two." Well, apparently Ms. Foxy Brown is some rap artist. I googled her as soon as I got home. I'm usually a starstruck pawn drooling over celebrities. I almost smacked the shit out of this woman.

And tonight, no one can comment about the cursing in this entry. I deserve it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was going to comment that it's good to see you got that sailor's mouth back - but you prempted me... damn


1:14 PM  

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