Monday, July 04, 2005

God's wrathful hand

After lunch yesterday, I came back to our room and like an excited little girl, put on my bathing suit and rushed off to the pool. The weather was perfect. And despite my brief annoyance at not being able to find my ipod, I found a happy spot to myself. It would have been much nicer with music to drown out the noises of all the children, but oh well. The sun was warm and I was content. And as I stood there slathering on sun screen, I heard some familiar words from my own childhood.

"Son, if ever in doubt, just go to the scriptures." Wise words from a father. My mother used to say the same thing. That and "Obey mommy". Still does actually.

Anyway, wise father continues, "And the scriptures say though shalt not have any piercings or images drawn on your body." After his son asks what a piercing is, he replies,"Well earings are a form - but that's okay because you see..." I replaced his own attempts at logic here with dots as you can see. But the best came when I turned around and took off my shorts revealing a shiny, sinful little object coming out of my bellybutton. I got my belly button ring so long ago that sometimes I forget I even have it. But there it was, shimmering in the sun.

His father looks up and stammers, "Son, the problem with you is that you ask too many questions and just don't take I what say for what it is. Go swim while I finish my cigarette."

And though I cant be sure - Isn't the 10th commandment, "Thou shalt not smoke"?

Although a half hour later, I was running inside with the worst hives of my life. Covered from my chest down to my knees from a horrible allergic reaction to Hawaiian Tropic's sunscreen. Raul said I looked like an avocado. Dry and wrinkly and super swollen. It got me thinking that maybe I should have read my scriptures more thoroughly, but I'll probably just stay away from Hawaiian Tropic's sunscreen in the future.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny funny... but where are the pictures of your avocado skin?

I must admit I visit this blog less now that there are fewer pictures of you. I miss them.

-fan #1

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