Thursday, July 07, 2005

little diva

I sat next to a little diva on the subway tonight. I was coming back to Brooklyn after having met a friend for happy hour mohito's where the hot topic was the 600 dollar pair of glasses sitting on his face. How does a guy with no job and no job lined up afford this? I have to crack this mystery because suddenly my face feels a bit naked.

Anyway, so it's close to midnight and I have a mild headache from the happy mohito's. I'm sitting on the slowest express train back to brooklyn and my leg is throbbing because some man had just accidentally sat on me. And this little girl keeps shouting in my ear, "10! 11! 12! 13!" and before I know it, she is singing her head off and rockin' out to her reflection in the window - dancing so hard that her little pig tails keep whipping me in the face. I can't remember the song very well but I believe the chorus went like this, "blue, blue, blue - please don't shoot!" And despite her mother's pleading, she gets louder and louder. I look over at her and I have to bite my lip from laughing. Within seconds, I burst into giggles and then three others around us begin to laugh. And she just keeps on singing to herself. It was the cutest thing ever. And for a little while, I forgot about my headache.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love cute kids.
they make me wish i could have kids for rent. i would play with them for an hour or so and give them back when they need to be punished.
miss you.
what are you doing tonight?


2:04 PM  

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