Monday, July 11, 2005

A night of bowling and arcade fun.

We started the evening with six Koreans and a couple martini's at a giant suburban, Italian restaurant. Of course, I came late because I got lost. I think I was daydreaming again while driving - a dangerous combination for my family who has been known to drive three hours in the wrong direction without realizing it or to take lefts when directions call for a right. Maps don't help all that much either.

Anyway, at the end of the night, nine Koreans were seen finishing up a third game of bowling. And in between, we hit the arcades. It was fun.


Hammee's ski ball impersonation

Hamme Scores!

Happy Anna

June and Rich

Basketball June

My gals

ahhh (that's a sigh). I don't see my girls nearly enough. These feet, I see lots. My lucky bowling feet, these are.
Lucky socks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice pictures of your friends but I come here to see you!


11:42 AM  

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