Sunday, July 24, 2005

posts after naps

Naps always catch me off gaurd. Mostly because I'm not a napper. I've never been one to fall asleep at will no matter how tired I am. The last thing I remember is snatching a nickel out of the back of my nephew's mouth and falling back into bed with an elevated heartbeat while he looked for something else to chew on. The next thing I know, my sister's screaming, "we're back!" and my phone's ringing by my head. I rolled over wondering where Jenn went off to and picked up the phone to listen to my friend tell me a story about a very annoying dingleberry lingering around his backside as he made his way through a sweaty Chinatown. Gross. And in the same breath, he asks, "yo, why are you so tired?"

I have no idea really but I think my six day workweeks have something to do with it. I've pulled a couple double shifts at the restaurant this week, babysat a little, was at school on other days, and tonight I have a couple hours of transcribing interviews and preparing for a workshop I'm running on Tuesday. It's almost 8 and now there are less hours in my evening. "oh. Are you pmsing?" Yes. So on top of it all, I have raging hormones flowing violently throughout my little body. Thank you for pointing that out. But he's used to it by now. In fact, I think our last conversation ended with my hanging up on him. We laughed out the remaining crank in me and soon after, I began to gush out long stories about my weekend activities.

Last night Joe, Jay, and I went to see a couple local bands play at Sin-e, somewhere in the lower east side. The music was decent enough but the bartender was the most fabulous entertainment. She had a giant, curly mohawk that seemed to stand a foot tall. Her tattoos were all dark and dreary running up and down her arm and she wore a black mesh shirt with a skimpy black bra underneath. And she was a sturdy woman to say the least. She could have eaten me up in one bite. She glared at all the girls there with their shiny gold bags and sparkling earings ordering their amstel lights instead of the blood she drank behind the bar. I even saw her pick up a piece of trash and flick it at this guy's head when he didn't leave her a tip. It was fantastic. I sat at the bar wide eyed and pretending not to secretly love some of those gold bags and earings...and then the best thing happened. The bartender bought my friends and I a round of drinks on the house. It was so random but apparently, we were the "nicest people who came in all day". Shucks, she made me blush. Of course, I ordered a 'blood' on the rocks - now that we were best friends and all.


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