Monday, August 29, 2005

blissful mornings

I forget how much I loved my mornings. Especially after a good, hearty sleep. I used to start almost every weekend morning with a quick eye flutter or two to take in the sunlight streaming in through the windows and then roll over in bed a couple of times to make sure I didn't have a little sleep in me yet. And with one giant cat stretch, I'd slither off my bed and make myself a cup of coffee. And as I listened to the coffee brewing, I'd go peak at my little herb garden out on my little stoop - a garden that consisted of only a few things like parsely, mint, cilantro, thyme, and basil but it was mine and I tended to each plant so lovingly. Afterwards, I'd take my coffee right to bed and write. Lord I used to write a lot. I'd go through three - sometimes, four journals a year. Eventually, my sister would call to chat about mom or my roommate would come softly knocking on my door and I'd smile as she jumped on my bed to share stories of our nights out. And oftentimes, we'd end that perfect morning with a homecooked breakfast or with some friends at a local restaurant.

I can't remember the last time I wrote in my journal or actually allotted some alone time. It's strange - since moving to New York, I'm not sure if I ever even wanted any alone time. Unwinding was redefined as meeting up with friends and having a few drinks. And going out always meant coming in after 2 and mornings can often be slept away. Maybe these are the differences between my San Francisco and New York life, but now I'm in Philly and just spent a lovely morning reading and writing while my friend slept happily in the next room. And I've realized that I have to find a way back to those San Francisco mornings. My life this past year has become one whirlwind of obligations, parties, and a million other things listed on my Top Things to Do by such and such date. I know I have to re-learn to relax and enjoy time apart from everything and everyone else - just time enough to enjoy myself for a little while...

......(insert a little beccup sigh here) nice.

ok. That's enough time. Now I have to prepare my famous Peak family cat jump. It's time for Patrick to wake up and feed me.


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