Saturday, August 06, 2005

faceplant kisses

My nephew likes to sit up now - especially since he's become such a pro at it. So he sits while I lay at his feet. And every once in a while he'll just fall foward and chomp down on whatever part of your body happens to find its way in between his six little teeth. You really have to be careful too because he's left a few bruises behind. And when you yelp, he looks up at you with startled eyes and you have to immediately start singing those ABC's despite your pain just to keep him from crying.

Well today, we learned a new game. During his usual routine of fall-foward-chomp, he happened to fall on my face and before he could chomp, I began to kiss him all over his cute, little forehead. He popped up and looked me straight in the eye. Then giggled. After a pause or two, he fell right back towards me nestling his head into my neck and this time, I kissed him all over his pudgy cheek. Again, he popped up and giggled right after looking me straight in the eye. Over and over he fell, and over and over I kissed him. After a while, I realized he wasn't even trying to chomp anymore. He was just falling foward for more and more smooches.

What a way to ask for a kiss. I don't think I will ever be able to resist a faceplant kiss again.


Anonymous grace said...

what a cutie. how old is he again? you think of the funniest little games to play with him - and i thought i had weird songs and games for rye. =)

10:15 PM  

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