Wednesday, August 31, 2005

First Day of Classes

8:43 am: I started my first day of school with a bang. A very real, very loud, very excruciating bang. In a last minute rush to get ready for school despite having given myself an hour to prepare, I ran my forehead straight into the handle of a metal pot in the pantry which was sitting on a shelf two feet from the floor. Only I could figure out a way to do this. The same woman who always "forgets" to bring a notebook to the first day of class. So far, I got another mini-lecture from Dana whose exact words were something like, "You still forgot after my lecture from last semester? Well, at least you weren't late this time." Last year, on our first day of school ever, I showed up to class more than fifteen minutes late despite having gotten to school two hours early. I was sweaty and miserable and shot my professor a dirty look when she reminded me the time class actually began. She and I would battle over my tardiness and her inflexibility for the next two semesters. My first exam I obtained a perfect score and felt justified - though deep down, I always knew the truth. I am a chronic late comer. It's in the blood of my people.

But today, I happened to arrive fifteen minutes early - just enough time to borrow some paper and a pen from a fellow classmate. I fear though, that no amount of note taking will save me from this class: the dreaded Statistics with Dr. Shu. Two years ago, he told a student, "Trying to teach you Stats is like trying to teach a blind person to read." Of course, she burst into tears though I doubt Dr. Shu meant it to be more than a joke. He's intimidating but seems nice enough. Just one of those brilliant statisticians who assumes the general principals of his world to be a given part of everyone else's. Twenty minutes into class, I hear all this giggling behind me and I turn to find K pointing at me. He whispers, "You can't start day dreaming already!" And then he does a quick imitation of me - wide eyed and wide mouthed as well. I turn around slightly embarressed that my "smart face" wasn't working. Then Lara looks over and mouths, "what the-" and before she can finish, I just nod and finish, "I know - Fuck."


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