Saturday, August 20, 2005

Ms Foxy F$%@ing Brown part II

It's late and maybe I've had too much to drink but all I want to say is: Ms. Foxy Brown is a dirty fX#4!ing, cheap bit@#$c who left me a zero tip on a 70 dollar tab and whose "man" was so F$%@ing high, it was probably the only way he'd spend time with her. She told my bus boy that I cocked an attitude. If I did, she deserved it and probably should be thanking me for even recognizing her existance in the first place after the way she treated me the last time. I even argued with my manager and questioned why we even took in her business. Do we really need to put up with her shit for 70 fucking dollars?

I'm so pissed. I need a popsicle. A cherry one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But you had eaten all the cherry and all there was to gnaw on was grape... pitiful grape!

Am I allowed to say Becks Gnaws?


12:25 PM  
Anonymous grace said...

the next time she comes in, i think you should put a little "surprise" in her food or drink!!!

9:49 PM  

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