Monday, August 08, 2005

my first hamptons tale

We're here. Three hours and twenty three minutes after we left Brooklyn, we arrived in the Hamptons. And it's finally hit me, I am going to spend an entire week with my mother and her crazy antics - although at the moment, it's sort of endearing. So far, our conversations have gone like this: "Li-bah-kah, why you wear that shirt and show everything?" Mind you, I'm wearing a simple, baby-blue, linen tank top with a long beaded necklace draped twice around my neck. I reply with a - Because mom, it's comfortable and it's too hot for anything else. Besides, we're just driving. "You shouldn't follow what's comfortable. You should follow morals. The only men you'll get are 'party' men." Of course, my sister has to jump in and complement my mother on her advancing English vocab. In the same breath, my mother reaches over and pinches my cheek sighing, "Boys must be so blind. You so cute!"

So we roll into our hotel room around 4:30, drop off our fifty small plastic bags because no one thought early enough to pack one large and convenient suitcase, and head over to the beach. Andres is sick and the waves quickly lull him to sleep. It's his first trip to the ocean but he seems less than impressed. I on the other hand love the ocean and everything about it. Pretty soon, I can't help but kick off my sandals and jump into the waves, still stupidly trying to keep my clothes from getting too wet. Linen is dry-clean only. The waves seemed pretty mild but out of no where, one builds determined to drench me. And it succeeded. I have never encountered a wave to build up to five feet high only a few inches away. My sister laughed as she watched it come crashing over my screeching little head. I crawled out dazed and wondering how I got so wet standing in knee deep waters. Of course my mother starts running around screaming about her hat that she bought for a dollar earlier that week. The thing had washed off my head. I have to say though - watching my mother chase it around was worth the long, wet walk back to our room. She did manage to save it and now I'll have a hat for tomorrow.


Blogger Jim Buggz said...

She's right, the boys must be blind!

Also, that photo of your nephew meeting the lil girl was adorable!!

12:16 PM  

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