Friday, August 05, 2005

unfolding a very simple mystery

A few months ago, my frient blogged "fifty things you didn't know about hunie". It was hesterical. My favorites were his private dance lessons in front of his mirror and his obsessive love affair with dental floss. I've always thought that would be fun: to reveal to the "world" all of my hidden mysteries. But as I sit here staring at a blank screen, I realize there really isn't all that much to be revealed. I wear my "mysteries" on my sleeve. My mother once told me, "You know - Paul and Jennifer were hard children and always so complicate. You, daughter, have simple mind." Though I might have fought it for a while, I think in a period where being so unique is the fad today, I don't mind being average. Simple's nice and at times, refreshing. Or I could just be trying to make myself feel better.

The first and most basic thing is that I love candy. If you don't know this, then you don't know me. I need a good gummy worm or two just like others need vitamin C and D. Popsicles: Orange, cherry, or grape - they are the answer to world peace. Or at least in this household. As soon as my sister buys a box, Raul and I are tearing through them as if they were the last popsicles on earth. I once found his stash hidden behind some frozen chickens. And poor Jennifer can't even compete with our sugar thirsty war tactics. She's lucky if she's left with a stick to lick. I think I might have seen her eyeing one in the trash the other day.

I live for a good practical joke. I still find woopy cushions to be a riot and on any given night, you can find a Paek, Yun, or Guttierrez on all fours ready to jump out of a hidden spot and scare you. We've been known to wait for hours. Apart from that, humor is the only thing that got my family through any of our trials. And chances are, the harder you make me laugh, the harder I'll fall in love with you.

Oh wait. My family is the other thing that got my family through any of our trials. We are insanely close. I talk about them so much you'll soon feel as if my mother's your best friend or wish she was. Okay, not really because my mother is a nut, but it's that quality you'll quickly learn to appreciate.

What else. I am painfully foward in love and relationships. Sometimes I wish that I had a greater fear of making a fool of myself. Instead, I take risks with my heart leaving it vulnerable to being broken but open to live freely. The downside is that while most men profess to respect my directness, few actually do. But really - if you can't take a few risks with your heart or in life, then we're really not meant to be together in the first place. The upside is that I'm pretty direct and abhor games. Usually, when I ask you to call, I'm simply saying - call. If not, oh well. Someone else's loss...

And don't worry, Jim B., I am picky.

I still want to believe in a God, but as I get older, it gets harder and harder. This makes me sad.

I stock up on stationary because every once in a while, I take the time to write a letter.

And I never forget a birthday. Your gift might come a day or four late though.

I have an inner diva, a secret soundtrack of songs to my life as if my life was one giant movie and I the star, an inner nerd, and an outer dork, a cutesy exterior, and en even cuter 'interior'...ok, this "list" is boring me. Like I said, there really isn't that much you don't know upon meeting me.

And no, I never did get that hug yesterday but got a lot of cute comments from the post - even an on-line squeeze. But that's okay, I had a great day. In fact, it was the perfect pony tail day. The little things in life matter most.


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Look out! I got an anonymous compliment and now I got a post-mention!!
Thanks alleycat ;)

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