Wednesday, August 24, 2005


My mother called me this morning to set me up with a man my aunt knows in Korea. IN KOREA. She called me twice today to see if he's contacted me. I haven't returned her calls. Meanwhile as I was apartment searching tonight, the one guy who I may have considered living with hit on me. I figured that set the stage for an uncomfortable living situation. It's too bad because the location was perfect. Although I do wonder if I really want to live with a boy. Sometimes I feel like boys can be a bit smelly. Anyway, between these two exciting events, I attended a picnic to welcome the new first year students. They seemed cool enough and I even interviewed one of the girls. There was one cute guy who all the girls in my class already called dips on.



Anonymous gracie said...

hahaha... your mom cracks me up!

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dips? what the hell is dips? an upside down "b"


4:22 PM  
Blogger PhotoMom said...

When I was 23 my mom tried to marry me off to an 18 year old boy from Korea. Thanks, but no thanks Mah.

2:46 AM  

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