Monday, August 08, 2005

weed under the shadow

Over breakfast this morning, my mother tells me that my nickname as a child was "weed under the shadow". I look at my sister and we burst out laughing. I was a skinny kid and not very tall. Unfortunately the later remains true but I'm not as skinny as I used to be. In fact, whenever friends of my mother's past come to visit they always comment about how huge I've gotten. It's always prefaced with a wide-eyed, "whaaaa!" If you know any Korean immigrant parents, that's the sound of true amazement. My mother continues, "Even though Paul younger, you always make him do everything. Lift this, hold that. Ever since three years. So funny. Paul only drink milk. You only drink orange juice. That's why you so small and always sick girl." Although a few years back, my mother once lamented, "You so short because mommy always make you carry heavy bags. I'm sorry, daughter." She still makes me carry heavy bags.

So the Paek woman are going on a vacation to the Hamptons. I have been so busy this past week that even the idea of going away stressed me out. But as of 11:20 last night, I have put away my waitressing shoes, picked up my anti-bad-reaction-to-the-sun medication, and bought a shit load of trashy magazines. I still have to do a bit of school stuff while I'm gone but I think I can manage.


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