Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dreams I should have followed

In college, I took a physics class for students not majoring in the "hard" sciences. Our first lab pretty much went like this: Four of us stood around with our science goggles, one with a tape measure, another with a pad and paper, and a third with a ball. That was me. I think the fourth person was there for moral support. I tossed the ball. Four heads went up and watched its trajectory. And in unison we all said, "gravity!" That was my kind of physics. Sad, but true. I got the top grade in the class, but I'm not convinced that really says much of anything. I just like to mention whenever it is I come out on top since it so rarely happens these days.

Like today. I have never been so lost in my doctorate career thus far. Terms were being thrown around: sigma j, beta i, full models, restricted models, error this, error that and then Magic! That's how my professor ended stats class. After solving some formula taught at the beginning of the semester and relating it to a formula we learned today, he turned around with bright eyes and said, "It's almost like magic since it fits so nicely together!" All we saw were symbols upon symbols, and crossed out variables, and squared roots of squares (which yes, I realize is just the number...), but still, it was aweful. Truthfully, I believed him. I think it is some kind of magic but I have a feeling he won't like that answer on our next exam.

But this I have to throw aside because I've now shifted my focus on another statistical dilema. One that relates to the paper that was accepted for publication, which I should have first stated - pending revisions. They are not major revisions, mostly problems with wording and organization, but one reviewer had questions regarding my analyses. Unfortunately, my data set is misbehaving at the moment and has decided to do away with some of my important variables. But enough about things that make even my eyes glaze over.

I'm off to go read up on the clinical implications of testing regarding executive functioning...damn, when I was in highschool, I had dreams of becoming an American Gladiator.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha...i habe those

7:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't see any of that info you were talking about

9:43 PM  
Blogger toni69gage said...

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6:22 PM  
Blogger Jim Buggz said...

I think you would've been the coolest Gladiator!! The other gladiators could prob throw you at the contestants! Or you coulda had your own lil cannon!!!! The possibilities are endless!! I would SOOOO pay money to see you in one of those "atlaspheres" LOL that would be fucking insane!!!

7:02 PM  

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