Thursday, September 29, 2005

family suga'

I'm sick. I hate being sick. Yesterday, I was told that a fever helps fight the viruses plaguing my poor body. So I decided to forgo the tylenol and let my natural immune responses flow all the while chanting, "Go body, Go!". By 7pm I thought I was going to die. My fever had gotten to 102, which Raul quickly prompted, "Take your medicine". And I did. I hadn't eaten, felt too nauseated. I hadn't been drinking enough fluids, my throat hurt too much. And so I just layed in bed and moaned every once in a while. Then my door bell rang and there stood a little man holding some grocery goods: Pepto (for my belly), soup, a sandwich, ginger ale, and POPSICLES!!!! Jenn and Raul called up the corner grocer and had them deliver all their love. It was so sweet and I immediately felt better.

That's the thing about New York. You can get almost anything delivered at any time. And that's the thing about family. Even boroughs away, they can still nuture you back to health.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess this is why doctors don't explain anything... they can never be certain it will actually make it to the other side... it's like whisper down the lane... somewhere along the way through the reason and learning process it might become dangerously distorted.

If your fever gets too high... it can get really ugly... The immune response is by no means perfect, otherwise you wouldn't be sick - right. The fever is an evolutionary response to Bacterial (not viral) infection... but going is easier than braking - so if your body can't put the brakes on your temp... use the drugs to do it.... 102 is a good max for me.

If you're not getting better - go to the doctor - he won't tell you that you have muscle aches because they are have been bathed in tumor necrosis factor alpha and interlukin 2 that caused restrictive inflammation around your muscles... but that knowledge won't really make you feel better... you should be in it for the drugs!

- Hope you're feeling better today -

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice and thoughful of the Brooklyn contingent. wow... I couldn't even imagine!

11:35 AM  
Anonymous gracie said...

how sweet! are you all bettah?

1:43 PM  
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