Monday, September 05, 2005

labor day bbq

So Hunie and I had our little labor day bbq - made complete with an assortment of friends, food, drinks and a hookah with rose flavored tobacco. And oh - I finally met Mr 1A, the man whose apt never fails to wreak of pot no matter what time of day I walk by his door. Before he even told me, I knew by the look in his eyes and the way he introduced himself to me, "hey, want some weed?" But alas, I was too busy with the "bottle" and now I have a massive headache. No more writing for me, but here's a few snipets of the day:

smoking the hookah. (I know - random).

Melissa and Courtney (Hunie and I worked on different pieces of BBQ planning. Courtney pretty much pulled it all together. I always feel guilty when a guest ends up doing more work than she should. She rocked my world today.)

Gracie and Hunie frying my burgers. Yes, Frying! Oh the shame.

I hate the stupid "grill" he bought.

But I think we all had fun anyway...


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nice pics unicef

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