Thursday, September 15, 2005

last night's musings

I am exhausted and yet can't really afford to be. I have another long day ahead of me that pretty much started at 7 this morning. These nine-nine days at school are killing me and the only thing I keep thinking about is: coffee. And for that one giant anti-coffee monger who might be reading this and rolling his anti-coffee eyes, put it somewhere not nice nor comfortable. I'm tired.

Okay, I have a confession though. Part of this exhaustion is not soley due to work or school. I went to the Jack Johnson concert last night. And while the show was good, the people watching was even more spectacular. I watched one guy run over to another and grab his fluffy hair and scream, "I want to nap in it!" And somewhere in the middle of Jack's set, four high school girls managed to stumble in front of me - completely stoned, completely drunk - and dance all over people's belongings. I wanted to smack them. But the best came when two guys came over to work their "magic". Let's face it though - men rarely have any real magic. These girls tightened up their little dancing circle - kind of like sheep do when wolves attack (did I make this up?) and then it was over. The guys walked away with beers in hand and slightly redder than when they first came.

blah, blah, blah - I've made one decision though. I'm not much of a concert goer and attend by invitation only. But I've decided never to buy lawn seats again. As amusing as they can be, the high school girls annoy me and truthfully, I felt like I was at a giant drive-in movie where I had to stand for two hours.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah - JJ 2-4 years or more ago, okay... today, no thanks... at least not the concert, with all the annoying folk.

I think you did make that up - sort of. Actually, I think sheap flock together in an effort no to be attacked, so before - not after. As the wolf will try to isolate one more vulnerable sheep, by flocking together the similar colors and shapes blend together morf into a big blob of bhaa-ing in the wolfs eyes, making it much more dificult to track a single sheep. Same principle applies for many flocking animals... like zebra.


11:57 AM  
Blogger Jim Buggz said...

Funny, you should have seen how many HS and perhaps younger lil girls there were pushing their way up front at a Weezer show I went to at Roseland recently, so annoying. Strangely, about the sheep comment - a comedian recently joked that animals who flock like that isolate the weak, injured, or malformed member to give them to the wolves and get away. . . I wonder if girls and or women do the same with their "nice" friend of the group. you know what i'm talkin about, the girl who's the sweetheart but has an extra hand growing out of her neck . . .

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

geez becky, i'll be careful which concerts i invite you to from now on. =p

12:15 PM  

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