Friday, September 23, 2005

a summer fling with a scientist

My summer fling officially ended at 10pm last night. It was only fitting that this 'break up' fall on the first day of autumn. And can you believe I never once mentioned it? It seems unfair somehow as if I kept some of my juiciest secrets to myself, but he was an avid reader of this silly blog of mine and I felt compelled to keep mum. Fortunately, I no longer feel so compelled. Unfortunately, I can't really think of any juicy stories to tell. The really odd thing about the whole affair was that he was a guy I went to highschool with, but can't really remember ever having a conversation with. And if anyone told us then that we would be dating almost seven years later, we'd probably say "who's that?" Just goshing. I remember a tall, skinny, goofy kid who often made jokes in class - whether funny or not. It was as if he simply couldn't help himself. Same guy only seven years older and not as goofy.

But for those who may intend on dating a future scientist - two stories for "warning" or amusement:

The first time we kissed, we played that silly game of "well, I can give you a ride to your car which happens to be parked half a block away and maybe spend the next two hours just talking, as we sit in my car which will now be parked right next to yours" - you know, that sort of thing. And when my kiss hadn't yet arrived by 1:30 am, I was forced to ask for it. Of course I got the whole, "I'm sorry - I've never been good at reading signs and I thought I saw the signs, but told myself that I wasn't good at reading signs and so, I didn't make any moves..." By 2:00 am, I had to ask for it again, but this time was successful. Lab guys are good at reading the most minute details of an HIV cell, but not so great at reading women. In truth, I thought the whole thing was kind of cute.

Ok, but don't expect to get swept away by romance and poetry. I remember the one time I asked him if he thought I was fat, I got a "ummm, not so much". Silence. What does that mean? So you think I'm chubby? Of course there's backtracking of sorts. "No I mean I don't THINK about you being fat so much." Oh. Well do you think I'm even pretty? "Of course! What you think I'm dating you for your personality?" Ahh, I see and for his sake, I ended the conversation. Again, lab guys...when it comes to reading or perhaps, wooing women all I can say is - "Ummm, not so much".

It was a fun summer fling nonetheless though admittedly very frustrating at times. I was a bit sad to say goodbye, but summer is over and there's a new season to attend to...


Blogger Jim Buggz said...

Wow, this story must illustrate your incredible patience.
Sounds like you were training a timid puppy:
"Awwww lookat you joosokyooot - who wants to give mommy a big kiss? Yes you-doooo, yes you dooo! Whooza-guhboiii Whoozaa Goooboiii?"
Hopefully he did not pee on the carpet or chew on your shoes . . . unless you're into that freaky stuff, you freak!! :P

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On to fall, I say.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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