Friday, September 09, 2005

the trials of an 8 month child

It's amazing how fast little men can grow. Since school has started, my days begin around nine and don't often end till after 8. And somewhere in between, my nephew gets a little older. This morning I had a little break in my day and decided to poke my head into his room. And there was my angel sitting in his crib. As soon as he saw me, he reaches out for the rail and pulls himself up. Amazing. Simply amazing. I think I have that effect on people - to push them to greatness.

However, he still has yet to master the art of crawling. I on the other hand have been particularly adept in this skill for quite some time now and realize that I forget how hard it really is when first starting out. But I think he's getting there.

He begins. (Isn't this the cutest face? We often tell him how unfair it is for him to have stolen so much cuteness. Truthfully, who needs crawling when you can just flash a smile and be picked up and taken wherever...kidding.) So we begin.

notice the strain...

but he's almost there

and with one giant scream, he moves!

Now we just have to get him to move foward.

Afterwards, I picked up my pumpkin and together, we danced the rest of the morning away. Well, until nap time. We are the perfect dancing team.


Anonymous gracie said...

why is he so darn cute!?

5:56 PM  
Blogger Grace said...

lol. nice auntie becky. gha

10:35 AM  
Anonymous esther said...

your nephew is the cutest thing in the world! great pictures.

10:52 AM  

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