Monday, October 03, 2005

Friday's past post

Kurt and I had it out on Friday. He’s my boss at the restaurant and can be a complete ass at times. For the most part, he leaves me alone and I generally take his shit. But having just gotten over a flu of sorts and being faced with a party of forty plus other diners, I decided that no, I’m not taking his shit today. I think it started when he said, “You know, you’re really making my life difficult” and I cleverly responded with, “Your life? Let’s talk about my life –“ and we had a screaming match about whose life was more difficult. It ended with Nelson, one of my favorite line cooks, pushing me out of the kitchen while still foaming at the mouth. But Kurt and I got over it. Neither of us really holds grudges and Kurt usually has it out with at least one of his employees a day. Friday – it just so happened to be me. He doesn’t know it but later that night he ended up buying me a couple of martinis. I figured it was his way of apologizing.

Anyway, the night ended as all nights should – with a tranny show.

Those who have been to my restaurant know that in general, we’re a family place with brick walls, warm lighting, and black and white photo’s of old Brooklyn. So when Kurt told me to stick around for the fifth annual Transvestite Show, I had to stay. Apparently, two of our regular customers rent out the place and host this show featuring Hedda Lettuce and Porche. Incredibly funny. Come on – Hedda Lettuce? And the crowd was great. Despite my better judgment, I ended up getting home well past my bedtime and well past being sober. Besides, like Raul always says, “Beccup loves the gays.” I do. I really do.


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