Friday, October 14, 2005

Seven things you need to catch a mouse

I know there are so many of the few people who read this blog that might stop and say, "I can't believe she blogged this - yet again" (and in my defense - someone had asked about my 'avocado skin'!). Well, you wanted a glimpse into this girl's life and as of 11:15 pm last night, this was it. Urban living - especially living in New York with a meager graduate student income means that every so often, you have critters. I've been living in my apt for over a year now and this is my first encounter with a mouse. Three nights ago, I woke up to sounds in my cabinets...cute little squeeks behind cages but deathly frightening, make your hair stand straight up sounds when five feet away from you. I kept praying that I was somehow still sleeping and nightmaring. Space is always an issue in NYC, so sometimes you are simply sleeping in your kitchen.

So I put out traps. Three days later: nothing. Then last night, out comes a little mouse hobbling to the middle of the apt. And for about twelve minutes, we just sat there staring at each other. He finally got bored and hobbled to the corner of my room. I screamed, jumped on a chair, called Raul and aimed a friend. What was I supposed to do? Through chuckles, Raul told me that since he's hurt, he's more likely to bite. Was that supposed to calm me? My friend aimed - throw a boot at it. I like my boots! Then Raul and I devised a plan to get my sticky traps and try to broom the dying mouse unto it. I repeat DYING to relieve guilt. I hate killing things unless they are gray moths, but that's another entry. A whole hour later, it worked. But not without the seven essential elements you see pictured. Ah, let's not forget the most important factor: the screaming, little Korean girl jumping up and down the chair.


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Blogger Jim Buggz said...

That sounds like it woulda been real funny to witness. Glad to have u postin gain ;)

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