Saturday, November 26, 2005

2 white gals in a Korean bath house

The last time my sister and I went to the bath house, we asked our dae-scrubbing ladies if white people can be dae-mi-luhed (a super, duper exfoliation - Korean style). She looked at us in mild amusement and replied, "Of course." I brought two friends from work to see. They stand above in their pink, King Suana jams as my living proof that indeed, white people can be dae-mi-luhed.

My day began with a six am wake up call to finish a report. I rolled over and hit snooze for the fifth time that morning. Lately, I've been having a really diffacult time getting motivated to go through yet another day in my life. I dragged myself up, made a cup of coffee, and sat down to write my report. By noon, I actually moaned thinking about having to meet my friends at King Sauna for their first Korean bath house experience. I just wanted to crawl back into bed until my appointments later that evening. Regardless, I went. In fact, I was excited about it just days before.

As I was driving over the George Washington Bridge, I started thinking, "hmmm...Carla and Carly are two girls I waitress with. We're not that close and - we're going to be naked together. I wonder if that'll be wierd?" And for the first few moments, it was a bit strange. We took off our clothes and did that whole pretending we're not naked thing by looking straight into each other's faces, never looking down. Fortunately, we're naked people. We got over it pretty quick and soon started commenting about the different tattoos everyone had - well, minus me. And when they decided the first hot tub was simply too hot, I laughed at their rosy butts as they scurried away to the next herbal bath. Then it came for the body scrub and massage. We lined up on our matts as our bath attendents began scrubbing us down. For those who have never experienced a Korean dae-mi-luh...well, it's diffacult to describe. It's an intense exfoliation where layers of skin literally roll off your body leaving you softer than you've ever been before. I kept hearing Carla exclaim, "Is that my skin?" then quietly mutter, "wow, I was really dirty before. I feel gross." This caused me to giggle.

All in all, it was a day much needed. We went into every stone suana room and came out laughing, having burned our feet by not stepping on the appropriate mats. I came to school glowing. A co-worker looked at me and said, "You're happier than I expected you to be." I know. I just had another King Sauna experience. Any other takers?


Anonymous gha said...

they have those things in the US? i never knew!

lol. hilarious post. happy thanksgiving sweets! we'll have to catch up soon.

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sound like a commercial, Becky. What's wrong with you???

7:34 PM  
Blogger In Korea said...

oh my gosh! I am IN Korea and I'm afraid to get ddae meeruhed! but now, I have to do it. there's one right in my gym. I can't wait to see the skin "rolling" off my body and feel as happy as becky. I am proud of you for sharing our hertiage.

3:08 AM  
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