Wednesday, November 30, 2005

hospital ho-down

The dance: I finally feel like a normal person. But tell me, how normal is it for a patient to be walking around in a hospital gown, her little behind exposed to the world - so uncaring (both me and my little butt), trailing an IV unit attached to one arm, and holding both my phone and laptown in the other hand looking with wide eyes for a possible internet connection? I ran into one of my doctors in the hall way. She asked me what I was doing. Sheepishly I replied that I was looking to check my email so that I can get some work done. Earlier she came into my room and I had reports lying all around my bed. She looked at me, blinked, and laughed, "You do realize you're in a hopsital right? Work on getting better."


Anonymous Gina - former roomie said...

aaahhhh! what are you in the hospital for?! they are very scary places. or, if it's a personal medical issue, feel free not to share. just curious!

7:02 PM  

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