Tuesday, November 08, 2005

my continued struggle with the little critters

It's been almost a month and nothing - no droppings, no sounds, just silence. The exterminator came by and did his routine thing on Saturday, but I didn't worry. So you can imagine my suprise when Mr. Mouse #2 came out to say hello. I immediately went out and bought myself six glue traps, which I strategically placed around my apt. Since my place is so small, I was able to pin point exactly where the mouse would need to pass to get to where it wanted. I also think they are coming into my place through a little hole by the radiator. 3 am: Squeels and struggle. I roll over - so desensitized to the idea of mice by now. 4 am. Another squeel and more struggle. Great - two mice. I put a pillow over my head and dream of six brown mice and a kitten that likes to bite me.

In the morning, I walk over to the traps and find two glued to one trap. One baby - and one adult. The baby is plastered and not moving anyway. Then the damn adult starts running around like crazy and shakes himself loose - which starts me running around like crazy. So there we are - mouse and human running around like crazy in my kitchen. But he has a tail stuck to the trap and is unable to leave. I've often heard that mice (and humans) in desperate situations will chew through body parts for freedoms sake. That thing start gnawing at his tail despite all my objections and pleading. I ran over, got a trash can, put it over the two mice, placed a heavy book on top of it...and fell over in exhaustion. Later, I called my super and immediatey demanded further assistance.

Urban living on a graduate student budget...it's got to get better than this.


Anonymous gha said...

it always broke my heart to see baby little mice on those traps. so sad.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Jim Buggz said...

wow . . . seems like ur toughening up. Maybe next time you'll crush a skull with a heavy pscych text book. When I first had to deal with mice I used glue traps and noticed one poor lil bastard had survived for over a day on the gluetrap. So that everytime I went to get something from the fridge I could hear its tortured lil struggles . . . messed with my conscience so I decided to drown them. So just as a suggestion, if you got some live mice stuck to your glue traps and can't sleep - drown em in the toilet. Sounds so barbaric when describing it, yet at 3am when ur dealing with home invaders, sympathy and mercy are beyond comprehension.

12:44 PM  

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