Thursday, November 03, 2005

My New BFF

Mr Kim from Sun's Auto Body Shop is my new BFF though if that were true, he wouldn't charge me to replace my window. But we just seem to be spending so much time together these days...

My car was broken into for a second time this week. Same window broken with glass shattered all over the back seat. But this time, the bastard didn't even leave me a rock. I don't get it. So far, I've heard two guesses: one from dear ol' mom, who screams, "God is punishing you!" to my sister's more reasonable hypothesis of "I bet it's some druggie who felt like he scored the first time and decided to come back for more". This makes more sense to me. My car hasn't been parked there in over a week. In fact, I've left it at school while away in California. The first night back, it's broken into. The only thing left out was a few sticky mouse traps and a sheet of paper - ironically, it was a copy of the police report from the first incident. Nothing was taken because there was nothing to be taken. So, any other guesses?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe he just want's to get at that Becky sent! ... maybe he got addicted to it when he was swimming in your summer clothes but he lost track of them when he sobered up... so now he's desperate and just sat in your car getting high on Becky smell for a while. Too much?

8:41 PM  

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