Friday, November 04, 2005

quick post

Lately, I realize that I hold my breath when tense. I don't intentionally do it. It just happens. I've noticed that I've been holding my breath a lot this week.

I'm tired of school - asked to work twelve hour days, expected to know a lot more than is taught, anxious to know more than is taught, and frequently criticized for almost everything we do. I get it - students learn from mistakes. But just once, I would like someone to say something positive. We work our asses off only to be told the millions of things we do wrong. I had one doctor tell me that my work with a particular client was a failed case. So far, almost every case that has been presented in his class has been failed or even more harmful to the client. He is brilliant, never wrong, contradicts himself frequnetly, and a bit of an ass. Running on four hours of sleep and with my car ordeal looming in my head, the rest of my energy went into stopping me from saying some smart remark, sticking out my lower lip, and throwing a tantrum right there in his class. I just looked at him and let him talk, which is really what he wanted to do anyway.

Other than that, I got my car fixed- again. I was tired of people saying, "hey - do you know your window is broken?" Of course, I'm driving in it. It was a bit embarressing though. It was like walking around with a tooth missing. And since I had to park in Brooklyn again, I put a giant sign with bold, red letters - NOTHING HERE! PLEASE DON'T BREAK MY WINDOW! Then I put signs up and down the street stating the police have leads...blah, blah, I'm expecting to go out to my car and find all my windows broken but that one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if this blog is any indication of your psych-talents than i think you are going to be amazing! you tell great stories with such interesting and poignant insights into others and yourself!

5:43 PM  
Anonymous gha said...

oh becks. we'll have to get you new clothes AND an armoured car for birthday and christmas. that really sucks. =(

7:38 AM  

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