Monday, November 21, 2005

smallish sort of world

Yesterday I ran into a girl I thought I knew. Right before I was about to jump up and say, "hey!" I realized she was an actress I saw in a play a few weeks ago. She wouldn't know me the same way. I'm just audience. So I just walked by. Still, the world felt small.

On Saturday night, Hunie and I went to his friend's wedding. Dave was getting married. And as I stood there after the ceremony - smiling and congratulating everyone (like the pro that I am now) I saw Sharon, my freshmen year bible study teacher. We went over to each other, politely hugged, and smiled. She asked if I was with the bride and when I replied "no" - she looked suprise and asked, "how do you know my brother?" Weird. I vaguely remember her telling us about her two older brothers. I never thought I'd be out drinking with them into the wee hours of a Manhatten morning. She is exactly as I remember her. I wonder what she thought about me. See? The world is small.

Since all things come in three's, so my sister says, here's another one. Courtney called me in the morning with that i'm-so-hungover-only-slept-three-hours voice and said, "I have a story that you'll definately appreciate". It began with a glass of champagne in mid-town and progressed through a quick rush uptown to meet up with friends. In a sheepish voice, she said, "I wasn't drunk or anything but for some reason, I got flustered and took a left - heading south on Amsterdam." I replied, "That's funny, since Amsterdam runs uptown." She screamed, "I didn't know what to do so I started inching my way up to the next block facing all this traffic and then all of a sudden, the cops turned on their speakers and asked me to step out of the vehicle!" And as she readied herself with tears (a gal's best aliby against a big burly policeman), she heard, "Courtney? What the hell are you doing?" The cop was a guy she was hooking up with this past summer. Actually, that was her best aliby. My favorite part of the story - she was truly confused when the cops first turned their sirens on. She thought, "Who me?" That's my chica living in our little world.


Blogger Grace said...

sharon is coming up quite sis-in-law bumped into her at some outlet mall.

so weird that you saw her!

we're gonna set that chica up with my old youth pastor. erm, random i know.

but hey i miss you! gha

8:32 PM  
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