Tuesday, December 27, 2005

new favorite drink

every morning my grandfather makes me carrot, spinach, and broccoli juice. don't knock it. the broccoli actually creates for a nice, nutty flavor.


I'm heading back up to New York in the morning. I'm going to miss grandpa's special.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

merry, merry Christmas!

This was the first year my family was not together on Christmas. Paul was in Korea. Jenn, Raul, and Andres were in Brooklyn with Raul's family. And mom and I were home in Philly doing a special dance my mother made for me when I began lamenting how Christmas felt less like Christmas without the whole family together. As soon as the words came out of my mouth, my mother grabbed my arms and began twirling me around singing, "Merry, Merry Christmas time! It's happy time!" Our dance soon turned into big bounces - like a mini mosh pit in our living room. Later that night, she accompanied me to a movie. She hadn't been to a theater since the Joy Luck Club. I think I laughed a good ten minutes when she tried to return the stale pretzel bites we ordered. She said, "Excuse me. I ordered soft pretzel - not hard!" Then when the movie played their little commercial bit about turning off cell phones and used a fake documentary interrupted by that famous nokia ring, she looked around and exclaimed, "that's not me! I didn't bring my phone." Oh the laughter that always seems to come with mom.

So Christmas comes to a close and I leave you all with a few of my favorite text messages that I received throughout the day:

"Merry Christmas! Hope your day is filled with peace and love"
"R U calling me an alcoholic? That's not very nice. Hope you get lots of crappy gifts. Luv ya!"
"Merry X-mas! Hope your new year is a prosperous one. Be good, motivate, have safe sex, and smoke weed to stay sane."
and finally,
"da schmiggle is like krimizzle, HOLLA!"

Thursday, December 22, 2005

hard labor

My aunts both had gas today. It was quite unfortunate for me since I spent the entire day with them, "working" in the family jewelry store. I put the quotes in because I was deemed the official door buzzer and during "slow" periods, I wrote the words LAY AWAY on three hundred receipts because my aunts are growing older and keep forgetting to write it down when they are taking the orders. I put the quotes in again because in truth, the entire day was slow for me. I hid two receipt books because I couldn't bear the idea of having to write the words LAY AWAY two hundred more times. At one point, I realized I started writing LAW AWAY but decided it was okay since both my aunts and their customers spoke limited English. The best is watching my Korean aunts speak to their mostly Latino clients. What comes out is a strange game of charades and Sporean (My clever way of mixing Spanish and Korean).

My two aunts calling out with their almost uniform greeting - "ola! como estas! What you buy today?" always makes me giggle. Although my favorite auntie quote of the day was when I finally couldn't take it any longer and said - my goodness, it smells like fart everywhere! And my oldest aunt laughed at me and said, "I know. Last man complained and said - it smell like a shit!"

Giggling turned into doubled over laughter while my other aunt got all anxious and worried that she was chasing away her customers. She kept asking, "Should I go outside and fart?" YES!

for incomplete souls

Leah hates the Jay Leno face. She calls and says, “I’m sick of looking at that thing for the past two weeks.”

I’m a delinquent blogger. Life’s been too tiresome to have to put forth energy into creating something witty out of my misery. Finals. The bane of a student’s existence.

Anyway, I just dragged my tired self home to Philly and am about to roll into bed, but I will leave you with a few things that fell out of my mouth this week…Sometimes I startle myself. Leah, my love, if you get bored, play a game of seeing if you can guess what context they were in.

“Frontal Wedgies.”

“So, do you think those guys were gay or just Japanese?”

“Wait, you hook up with girls but don’t like masturbating?...What do you mean 'why don't I get it?' It's like an IQ test. When you look at the results, you want the scores to all hang together a certain way in order to make sense.”

“I know I’ve said this before, but I’m never buying Target underwear again.” This one’s easy if you figured out #1.

“Excuse me. Do you have that book entitled, Orgasms!? Oh no, not that one. This one had pictures…excuse me? I can’t hear you when you whisper like that.”

“Hey mister. Oh, I’m sorry Ma’am.”

“I think I caught some stomach virus. I lost my appetite for two days. Except for the nausea and cramping, it’s a pretty good way to diet.”

But this was the best - "Remember that time we picked up those French guys?...No, not that time. They were Italian...No, a different time...NO! These guys were French Canadian." Ouch. She replied, "Ooh - you always know it's a bad sign when you have to go through so many possibilities to that one question." There was a time when life didn't revolve around sleeping and studying.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

jenn's suprise

a birthday suprise

a very suprised birthday gal

a spread that only jenn can put together

presents (my favorite part)

and a yummy cake with trick candles

make for the best way to spend your 27th birthday.

thank you!

Monday, December 05, 2005

birthday blues

It's my birthday this weekend. People keep asking me what I want to do. "Nothing", I reply. I'm showing one of the classic signs of depression: loss of pleasure or motivation in activities I once found pleasurable. Look it up in the DSM-IV-R. I used to be a huge birthday person too - loved throwing parties and never needed a reason to whip up a good get-together of sorts. Now, it's just another year gone by with nothing new to celebrate. I feel like Eeyore. Pin the tail on this donkey.

Ok, I don't really know what that means but the statement made me laugh - except that I think I might have called myself a donkey. Wait. When people read that just now, did it feel like I just called myself a donkey? Great. Happy birthday to me.

Just kidding, just kidding. I've got a couple dinner plans already. Jenn and Raul made reservations for a fancy birthday dinner at a fancy restuarant. I already picked out my dress. It's a simple black, backless piece I bought two years ago and never had the chance to wear just yet. I get to finally snip the tags off. Other than that, a quiet toast with a few friends sounds nice...there's nothing quite like drinking those birthday blues away. And here's the best part, I can use my short hospital stay to guilt people into coming out. Anyone want to come?