Sunday, December 25, 2005

merry, merry Christmas!

This was the first year my family was not together on Christmas. Paul was in Korea. Jenn, Raul, and Andres were in Brooklyn with Raul's family. And mom and I were home in Philly doing a special dance my mother made for me when I began lamenting how Christmas felt less like Christmas without the whole family together. As soon as the words came out of my mouth, my mother grabbed my arms and began twirling me around singing, "Merry, Merry Christmas time! It's happy time!" Our dance soon turned into big bounces - like a mini mosh pit in our living room. Later that night, she accompanied me to a movie. She hadn't been to a theater since the Joy Luck Club. I think I laughed a good ten minutes when she tried to return the stale pretzel bites we ordered. She said, "Excuse me. I ordered soft pretzel - not hard!" Then when the movie played their little commercial bit about turning off cell phones and used a fake documentary interrupted by that famous nokia ring, she looked around and exclaimed, "that's not me! I didn't bring my phone." Oh the laughter that always seems to come with mom.

So Christmas comes to a close and I leave you all with a few of my favorite text messages that I received throughout the day:

"Merry Christmas! Hope your day is filled with peace and love"
"R U calling me an alcoholic? That's not very nice. Hope you get lots of crappy gifts. Luv ya!"
"Merry X-mas! Hope your new year is a prosperous one. Be good, motivate, have safe sex, and smoke weed to stay sane."
and finally,
"da schmiggle is like krimizzle, HOLLA!"


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