Wednesday, January 04, 2006

comments that make me question my hetero-sexuality

I eavesdrop. If you are sitting next to me on the subway or chatting on your cell phone in passing on the streets of Manhatten, chances are I will be listening. Pay no attention to my averted eyes or the headphones I'm wearing. I simply can't help it. I'm nosy. These are a few comments I've overheard pass through a few guys' lips. Statements which I say again - make me question how it is that I keep from being a lesbian.

"dude, so I started hooking up with this girl at the party last night (it was new years eve). she was kind of big though - you know. big. but then brian told me to just take what I can get so I did."

"YEAH! so I was like acting like a bitch, but not an asshole type. Just a bitch."

"she was all legs but no face. good thing I'm a leg man."

What planet are these guys from? But a bit of saving grace for that 'species' - for the time being that is. I had a lovely conversation with the boy I met on new years day night. And he sent me a very sweet email this morning...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does he already read your blog, so it's kind of like you're telling him to ask you out?

Oh, and don't forget the people near you in a restaurant. That's a key eavesdropping situation.

12:13 AM  

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