Thursday, January 19, 2006

indicators of chaos

1. I'm moving in four days and haven't even packed my stuff. And I just found out yesterday that my roommate to be is turning 21 this weekend. I think I stuttered something like, "What? I mean, uh - congratulations."

2. Tuesday while waiting in line at the post office to mail in the final portion of my fellowship application, my car was involved in a "hit n' run". While everyone was screaming, "Whose beige car is that?!?" I chose to close my eyes and ignore it - hoping that if I didn't acknowledge my misfortunate, it didn't actually happen. I may have reacted too casually but the police gave the man enough words to speak for the both of us. So I saved my energy. Besides I needed those words for some others.

3. Wed morning 4 am, my apt buzzer starts going crazy again - for the third time in the past four months. I left tired, cranky messages for my landlord and two supers, who were less than super. The ringing stopped sometime around 7 am, but somehow I still managed to fall asleep with the help of three thick pillows surrounding my head.

4. And I can't seem to remember if I'm a supposed to be studying something. I am a student, right?

5. It's been five days since I have had toilet paper in my apt. I keep forgetting to pick some up. Now I'm out of kleenex as well.

6. Yesterday, I "found" an old Startbucks latte sitting on my desk from last week. It had turned into some sort of espresso flavored cheese. It smelled really bad and I gagged while pouring out the contents into my toilet.

7. I'm afraid to look at the milk sitting in my fridge.

But the really, really odd part is - that I still feel strangely grounded. And well, happy.


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