Tuesday, January 31, 2006

loooong days

I made up a song that goes something like this, "Loooong Day. It's been a long day. Looong day. It's been a long day." And somewhere in the back ground, Courtney laughs. Of course, it sounds much better than it reads.

I've been a delinquent blogger again, which means that classes have begun. I've got another semester of stats but a bio class as well. And in truth, when I'm not in class, I've been spending my time with the boy - who I think can now graduate to 'my' boy despite Courtney's pleading to "not rush into things so fast!" She hates to see her friends get hurt. oh well - the potential for that was there from the beginning. This foolish heart of mine has never listened to reason so well. But it's amazing what a dose of 'boy' can do. This past week, I've had half of my possessions "accidentally" thrown away (I think I've lost roughly a thousand dollars worth of stuff) and bills up the something not so good. And still. You can hear a little jingle about my "looong days..." and a giggle not so far behind.


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