Monday, January 02, 2006

A new years weekend

I am no longer going to act so childish. This is my New Years Resolution. I am now 27 - late twenties. It has been confirmed by one of my fellow NYeve revelers. As he was telling a tale about roommates, he scrunched his face and said, "you know though - they're LATE twenties." The scrunch told it all. Still, I think I was the exception and for a brief moment, we were in love. My young gay lova and I.

We started out with a few drinks at a friends place, then rang in the New Year at my friend's good friend's boyfriend's best friend's rooftop party in the lower east side. We were a nutty group of seven amongst an older crowd of couples. The space was great and the drinks were plenty. A movie screen was set up on the roof deck and the copulating bugs being played made for great conversation. And when the lady bugs made it, we naturally cheered and hollered. We also developed friends with other revelers on neighboring rooftops. Sometime around midnight, we celebrated the new year with four different countdowns.

Ok. I only met this (above) couple that night but I think the picture is super funny.

The above picture is the famous Leah pose, who manages to close her eyes in 98 percent of the photo's. Ironically, her eyes are opened when we all agreed to close them. She's even failed many coaching sessions from friends on how to keep your eyes open in photo's. Then we made fun of the "crab dip" that managed to find it's way on Leah's glass.

Sometime around 1, we head over to start the new year with a bit of singing at a local bar. Somewhere in between, my left boob decides to pop out for a quick hello and I fall down the stairs. Sorry no pictures. But here's a few of our singing sensations.

Despite the Kareoke DJ Master's (whatever it is you call them) pleading for me to stay a little longer, I rubbed his little belly and said, "My love. I'm getting too old for this shit. It's near 4 am and I'm going home." But I did stay to sing one more song. Like a Virgin. The next day, I met Jay for lunch in Soho then headed back home, still hungover, still tired, and feeling old. Later that night, I had some friends over for more drinks and a few finger foods. We were all exhausted but laughed our little hearts out. And I met a boy.

All in all, it was a nice weekend filled with surprises that began with two of my best friends who suddenly popped in for dinner at the restaurant where I work on Friday...I need a nap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg, lol lol lol. 2006 becky though older is definitely funnier.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Leah said...

Becky, I just almost died laughing over your New Year's re-cap.
BTW I think being more mature means embracing your immaturity, which is exactly what we were doing.

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you have a sock hanging out of your pocket?

1:59 PM  

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