Tuesday, January 24, 2006

on happier changes

So I finally rolled myself out of bed to hop in a cab going uptown only to find myself downtown. After the cab driver and I exchanged a few harsh words, we were back on track and forty five minutes later, I reached my new home. I started unpacking and the amount of space I have to work with is unbelievable. I have two closets, which is a very big New York deal. And my roommate and I chatted for a few hours last night. She's very cool and very hip and cooler still for being able to give me fifty percent off of a ton of make-up and beauty supplies. She's an aspiring hair stylist with lots of suggestions for my hair. I already "earned" myself some fancy hair products.


Blogger gracie face said...

hmm... what a sweet deal! wanna share some of your make-up goodies with me!?

7:43 PM  

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