Tuesday, January 10, 2006

two stories of the men in my life

I haven’t heard from a male friend for a while. A male friend who is also considered an ‘x’ I guess. A few days ago, I went over to drop off some flowers to recognize an important day for him. And as I rang the buzzer, I had a funny feeling. I had called a little earlier and got no response. I figured he was at work and I would just leave the flowers at his door. When he answered with an, “oh hi….” You know - with a greeting that was drawn out, almost intentionally as if to stall for time, that funny feeling became a bit greater. When he took an extra minute “fussing” with the lock, I should have run. But I panicked and stayed. And there we were – two old ‘lovers’, one with a bouquet of flowers in hand and unfortunately looking awful since she decided to forgo a shower for the third day in a row and another with that disheveled look of just having thrown on whatever pair of pants that just happened to be lying around from the previous night of somethin’somethin’. Oh, and lets not forget the third party – his partner of somethin’somethin’ tucked away under the covers less than two feet away. I don’t know what my mouth was saying but my head was screaming, “Awkward!” And within thirty seconds, I was down the stairs repeating, “Don’t fall. Please don’t fall – that would be worse!” And when I got home, my friend said, “hm. I wonder if she thought you were trying to get back together with him.” Great.

So old lovers find new ones.

On Sunday night, I had my first date with the boy. I guess he’s not really a boy but I haven’t figured out a nickname for him. Maybe I can get a little help after this entry. Anyway, it was simple and sweet. He was away for the weekend, snowboarding with a friend, and took me out for a late latte when he got back. It was fantastic filled with one long four-hour conversation. By one am, he walked me home and I was enamored. Scared out of my wits as I so often am these days, but pleasantly charmed. A few minutes later, he texted me about not wanting to leave and despite myself, I giggled like a schoolgirl. We had our second date the following night. He called after work just wondering what I was up to. I frantically called my sister and together we decided on an outfit, which no matter what, I hated...(edit, edit, edit) Later in the evening, we sat by the Henry Hudson and began to chat like we did the night before. And as he drove me home, he quietly said, “I like you.”


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sigh from gha for the latter half (that first part - oh man, AWKWARD! straight out of a movie!)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

so sweet!

- esther

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